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"Personalized Pest Control"

At Anteater, we want to let you know that customer service is our first concern. We are proud to be a Family Owned and Operated company since 1993 servicing the greater Oakland County Area. The personal, individual service of a close, informed, knowledgeable team has ensured our continual growth in the industry over the years. Certified and registered inspectors and technicians provide you with an educated, dependable, and reliable service for your home or business. Our reputation is our livelihood, and so we are proud to be a company of ethics and integrity, raising the bar for the industry to a higher standard. Satisfied Customers are our number one priority.

Anteater specializes in offering you many different types of services to choose from. This allows you to customize your service and help you protect your largest investment, Your Home, and your most important treasure, Your Family.

Anteaters practice of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is effectively working toward protecting our environment and utilizing all the innovative techniques in our industry. Anteaters use of single or multiple materials to solve your pest problems is the most effective way to resolve an infestation. All the materials Anteater uses are EPA approved for indoor and outdoor use. We have found in all our years of business that a combination of application in different forms is what is needed to truly resolve the pest problem. This is why we use liquid sprays, dusts and baiting as well as environmental control to help you take back your home and yard from pests. Customized programs and the education of what results to expect are thoroughly explained by our technicians and inspectors. You can rest assured that any pest problem you have will be resolved because at Anteater we are: The Company With an Appetite for all kinds of Bugs!

Anteater knows how valuable your time is, so we offer set appointment times for your convenience. No large window of time slots, no waiting around for us. We truly value you and your time.
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This company is the best! I am very satisfied on how they took care of my bees nest. The technician was very professional and fluent with answering my question. I would highly recommend anteater pest control to anyone!
- Alex M.