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At Anteater, our services are totally individualized. We know that the best way to treat your problem is going to be dependant upon many factors including environment, the size of the area, as well as the level of current infestation. That is why we offer Free Inspections. During the inspection one of our well seasoned Inspectors will come to your home and explain all of your options for service. We'll inspect, identify pests, as well as locations they may be entering the home. We bring equipment to begin service of the home the SAME DAY. If you agree to service we can begin treatment while we are there, SAME DAY! If you decide you need more time or are not interested, there is No Obligation.

For a FREE, No Obligation Inspection Call Us at 248-666-5357 - TREATMENT SAME DAY!

Pricing for these packages are also very individualized. Call for your Free Inspection today and we can offer you a custom plan that fits you needs and budget!

We have two DISCOUNT PROGRAMS running this summer!
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The first is back by popular demand

This popular little coupon gets you $20 off any initial service with Anteater! Just click on the link and print them out! Heck, print three out and give two to friends! Only one per customer though!

The second is our Referral Discount Program.

We offer 1/2 off your next service with Anteater for ever new customer you refer! This one has no limit! 2 Customers referred? 1 Free Service! 12 Customers referred? 6 Free Services... and so on!