Mosquito Larve. Click on image to enlarge.


These buzzing little critters are more than just an annoyance, they own the title of most dangerous insect on the planet. It has been estimated that malaria (a disease carried mainly by the deadly Mosquito) effects more than 500-700 million people each year, paralyzing nations and causing devastating economic loss. That is more than TWICE the population of the USA. Now obviously here in Michigan we have the malaria under control. However mosquitoes in Michigan have been found to be the primary cause of several other, far less controlled disease in the state; West Nile, and Encephalitis, and Heart Worm in Dogs, to name a few. Here in Michigan we have 3 major types of Mosquitoes: Permanent Water Mosquitoes, Floodwater Mosquitoes, and Artificial Container/ Tree Hole Mosquitoes.

Permanent Flood Water Mosquitoes are commonly found in swamps, ponds, lagoons, and ditches that do not dry up. They lay their eggs directly on the water surface and may produce several generations per year. There are 3 prominent sub-species of Permanent Flood Water Mosquitoes: Anopheles, Culex and the uncommon Coquillettidia. Each sub species prefers a slightly different water clarity, and has a slightly different different cycle.

Floodwater Mosquitoes are found in areas that are flooded temporarily or seasonally. Floodwater Mosquitoes have the fastest breeding cycle of all mosquitoes. The eggs are laid in low lying areas that typically flood after the snow melts or during spring or summer storms. These eggs can remain operable for up to 7 years. They are divided into two sub categories, Spring and Summer Floodwater Mosquitoes. The spring larvae typically hatch in March from water formed by melted snow. Because of the low temperature of the water they tend to develop slowly. Summer Floodwater Mosquitoes are the most common in Michigan and can come from summer storms that produce as little as 1 inch of water.

Artificial Container/ Tree Hole Mosquitoes live in the areas that their name implies, empty buckets, old tires, anything can hold water can become a breeding ground to these pests.

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